Just Clean FAQ

What makes JUST CLEAN different?

JUST CLEAN is an innovative solution based upon our knowledge gained from 15+ years in the household countertop industry.

JUST CLEAN is more than just an all-natural cleaner that helps you maintain a spotless kitchen. It contains a proprietary formula of plant-based, surface-active polymers that fill the microscopic voids inherent to granite and other natural and fabricated stone countertops. It acts as a barrier between unhealthful bacteria and chemicals that can get trapped in these voids. Best of all, it polishes your countertops as you clean!

What makes JUST CLEAN more healthful
And more effective?

JUST CLEAN is a safe, plant-based product that works. It contains no harsh chemicals, harmful preservatives, stabilizers or surfactants.

JUST CLEAN cleans and protects without compromising the integrity of your countertop. This ensures that your investment in your stone (both natural and fabricated) countertops will last a lifetime.

JUST CLEAN leaves no residue, so you can feel the difference!

Is JUST CLEAN fragrance-free?

Every natural substance has at least a slight scent. However, once sprayed, JUST CLEAN will not leave any lingering odor. JUST CLEAN uses NO harsh chemicals to disguise its contents!

I currently use a "bleach" wipe to clean my counters, why change to JUST CLEAN?

The various “wipes” leave a chemical residue on the surface. This can leech into foods set on your countertop and then be ingested. JUST CLEAN keeps your kitchen more healthful by eliminating toxins that produce unhealthy air.


JUST CLEAN is coconut-based decyl glucoside and therefore contains no GMO contaminates.