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I live for Just Clean!! It is by far my favorite cleaning product! I use it on all my stone counters, It is always in my arsenal and definitely my favorite, most versatile cleaning product.


Just Clean always does a great job at keeping our counter tops looking spotless without leaving any residue. Plus, it’s easy to use and is very inexpensive.

Ken B.

This is my go-to for countertop cleaning. It doesn’t have a harsh smell and I have no issues with streaking or residue, it truly cleans and seals my granite!

Janet C.

We use Just Clean in this household. It’s the best out there for cleaning my stone counters! There are a lot of cheaper brands out there and I have tried a few. However, nothing is as good as Just Clean.

Miranda A.

Just Clean is the best granite cleaner and polish I have tried, leaves counters streak free and is very affordable. It’s such a versatile cleaner that I really haven’t found anything better for the cost. Great for homes with kids and pets!

John H.

For over 12 years I have bought various products to use on my granite and marble counter tops, finally one that works! Just Clean is easy to use, my counters look beautiful and seem to stay cleaner looking longer!